Casino Heroes

Casino Heroes

This casino has created a completely different gaming experience compared to other online casinos. Casino games have become part of an adventure where only by playing it is possible to advance from one level to another, explore all the most remote corners of the environment and finally beat the main villain of the island and rise to the top of the players. The gaming experience has been created to be role-playing, which is not typical of online casinos at all, but it is very popular in smartphone games, for example. The casino has thus managed to combine the enjoyment of several different games in the same package and thus also made it possible to attract new customers. Overall, the site is an interesting addition to the online casinos and ensures that the player is always promised surprises just around the corner. Finnish functions and services help to create a memorable gaming experience without major confusion or problems.

Gaming experience at the casino

This online casino has been created in the scenery of a mystical archipelago and the player is directly involved in an epic battle against the evil forces that have conquered the islands.

The world progresses through 40 levels, playing slots, roulette, backjack and other casino games, and after winning the evil resistance of each level, a new world with new games opens up for the player. So the player has to constantly develop his skills and at the same time it is convenient to get acquainted with new, perhaps even a little more unfamiliar games. The Finnish language has a clear advantage for the site, but some translation errors can be found in the game when you spend enough time on the site. However, these are often not large, or cause some strange surprise, so players have been happy with the site’s operation and additional services.

Site game producers

Casino Heroes has a collection of two-player games and includes both Net Entertainment games and BetSoft games. Because this casino world is very different from the traditional online world, not all games are available to the novice player. There are about 250 different games in total, but they only open as the player progresses in the adventure world. Each area is guarded by that area’s own evil, and if the battle with him is lost, the player will have to return to the previous country. Of course, winning the evil will result in a cash prize that can be used again for games in a new country, for example. Only a very few players have managed to achieve peace in the entire gaming world and at the same time, of course, opened up the entire gaming world of the casino.

Casino Heroes Bonuses

Bonuses are distributed to registrants in a slightly different format, but since the casino is nowhere near a more traditional end, this is no wonder. There are no deposit bonuses at all, but there are free spins up to 500 spins. This free spins pot is only available with your first deposit and requires a deposit of over € 200. Correspondingly, for a small deposit of € 10-20, there are 50 free spins on the account. From this, the number of free spins increases by category, 120 free spins for the € 20- € 50 deposit, 240 free spins for the € 50-100 deposit and 315 free spins for the € 100-200 deposit. Free spins are given to the player quickly, meaning there is no need to wait several days or even weeks for bonuses to arrive. Even without a deposit, it is possible to get 10 free spins, of course in the Starburst game, and this is the safest way to explore the world of adventure. In addition to the free spins, the casino gives adventurers various rewards as the game progresses, and using them will brighten up the casino experience.

Casino Heroes news

Mobile casino

Although the environment of Casino Heroes is different from a traditional online casino, it has not been left out of development. The casino has started investing in mobile time properly and the end result is a functional whole for both android and iPhone and iPad devices. However, the casino does not have a separate app, so for now, gaming is done through a browser. Only an internet connection is required and the casino travels with the player everywhere.

Withdrawals and deposits

Casino Heroes has a wide variety of deposit and withdrawal options. Online banking transfers through the trusted Trustly are one of the easiest ways for Finns to transfer money, followed by credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard. If a player has an online wallet at Skrill or Neteller, for example, money can be transferred easily through this as well.

Customer service at the casino

The website is in Finnish and customer service is also available in Finnish. If you only want the service in Finnish, you should contact the casino via e-mail, but if you have international language skills, you can get answers to your questions quickly via live chat. Chat also has the option of a service in Finnish, but this must be requested separately so that the customer service representative can direct the chat to the correct address.