The Enchanted Slots game with stunning wallpapers and colorful illustrations is considered one of the best 3D slot games produced by BetSoft today. The theme of the game revolves mainly around various legends, myths and fairy tales, taking the player to the best memories of childhood. In addition to great visual experiences, this 3D slot game, unlike many other 3D video slots, also offers quite a good chance of winning even large sums. Players can win thousands of euros by simply dragging together five identical symbols that together create a fairy tale that can eventually become a fabulous ending in a player’s real life. Enchanted holds five reels as well as thirty possible paylines.

There are three special feature icons in the game that activate special features such as bonus rounds. If a player manages to roll two Crazy Hat symbols, a special feature called Crazy Reels is launched. When you play this, the Crazy Hat symbol transforms into a wild card, which of course multiplies your chances of winning bonus winnings. Winnings allow you to spin one of the wheels again, possibly giving you even bigger winnings.

How to place a bet in Enchanted

In this game, placing a bet is not much different from other similar slot games, and it is made extremely easy, even if you have never played slots before. The player can place a bet of 1-5 coins per payline, and there are several size options available to determine the exact amount of money to be spent in each round. The possible coin sizes follow BetSoft’s basic range of games, which range from 0.02 euros to one euro. Thus, gaming is possible for just about everyone, regardless of whether the gaming budget is just a few euros or less, or whether you are willing to invest a little more in front of a potential payout.

What kind of profits Enchanted offers

BetSoft is known for games where it is possible to get 300-500 coins for every coin wagered on the game. Enchanted is no exception here either, as the game offers tremendous chances to win. There are certain symbols in the game that hit big winning pots, for example, the appearance of an elf named Tonk on the rolls on a payline means a win of 1000 credits. The Rufus ork on all reels on the payline brings the player 2,000 credits, the Feera Elf 3,000 credits and the Elrid Wizard a whopping 5,000 credits. It is this very tangible opportunity to access the jackpots with even a single coin bet that makes Enchanted so popular and addictive among casino gamblers.

In addition, profits can be made from special features offered by Enchanted, such as the Tinkering Doors feature. This is a very unique and fun game with a bonus section where the player who collects three golden keys to the last payline has a chance to win even large sums.

How free spins work in Enchanted

One of the most exciting features of Enchanted is its free spins feature, which is called Spellbook. This feature is activated when a player receives more than two Spellbook symbols on a single payline. In addition to this, there is a special symbol in the game that may appear on the third reel in a good time. If the Enchanted symbol hits the very center of the reel in a free spins game, the winning amount will increase further and the player will have the opportunity to win other smaller prizes as well.