What are free spins?


Free spins are one form of casino bonuses. Free spins offered at online casinos are free spins offered to a player as a reward for registering on the site or depositing play money on that site. They include a set number of free spins for use in casino games. Usually, the game is also predetermined, and for a lot of casinos, it tends to be a slot game called Starburst.

In practice, free spins work in such a way that the casino gives the player a certain number of free spins to play in a game, and the player is allowed to keep any winnings from the game. Many online casinos offer free spins on registration, but many casinos have a practice of offering spins as a prize whenever a player makes a deposit. The rule of thumb is that winnings must be wagered a certain number of rounds before they can be redeemed. Today, although there are online casinos that offer free spins without any redemption requirements, they are still extremely rare and in most cases the offer is very short-lived in nature.

Let’s highlight one common example of free spins. The casino is advertising a 20 free spins offer on its website upon registration. The player uses the free spins for the free slot game Starburst and eventually wins € 10, which is added to his account. However, it cannot yet be redeemed for oneself, and the money must be released by gambling. The wagering requirement for our example casino is 30 times, so the player must play the € 10 they win a total of 30 times (€ 300) in slot games. Unlike free spins, a player does not need to play the same slot game to release the bonus money won. In most cases, however, baccarat, poker and blackjack or other similar games are not counted here, but the game should be a different kind of slot game such as a slot machine.

Free spins at an online casino

Taking advantage of free spins when playing at an online casino is very popular. Who wouldn’t like getting something for free as a reward for playing at a casino? Friends of the casino will be happy to receive free game rounds to check out the newly released game, or when the casino wants to celebrate something special like Christmas, birthdays and other holidays.

There are two types of free spins at online casinos. These include traditional free spins as a reward for deposits made by the player, as well as free spins without any deposit requirement. The difference between the two is actually quite simple to explain. In order to receive the regular free spins, you will need to make a deposit to your game account. Often the offer is presented in the form “Deposit 20 euros so you get 100 free spins!”. When a casino offers rounds of play without a deposit bonus, then the player is not required to invest their own money. Some casinos offer such deals as part of the welcome bonus when a player creates a game account on the site, but many casinos also tend to send emails to their active players, for example, notifying them that free spins have been added to their account.

Recycling requirements

One of the biggest misconceptions is that when casinos advertise various bonuses to new players such as free spins, players think they just need to deposit money into their account to get unlimited access to the bonuses. However, this is not the case, as if a casino offered a player more money than they would deposit into their gaming account and allowed these bonuses to be withdrawn immediately from the gaming account, that casino would still be in bankruptcy on the same day. Imagine, for example, that a casino would offer its players 20 free spins that, after playing, a player would have earned € 200 without investing their own money in a gaming account. Then it would be to charge money to players for free, which of course doesn’t make sense.

This is why the casino offers bonuses on the condition that any winnings from their play must be wagered multiple times at the casino before they can actually be redeemed in the end. This is by no means a scam but an obvious one, as the online casino naturally seeks to protect its operations. Moreover, it is the case that, in fact, the monetary benefits offered by casinos, such as free spins, are quite profitable from a player’s point of view in any case.

Recycling requirements vary between casinos. The amount of play money required can range from zero to up to 50 times, but the most commonly required number of game rounds is between 20 and 40 rounds. From the player’s point of view, of course, the lower the recycling requirement, the better. Of course, such redemption requirements only apply to bonus money offered by the casino. Of course, if you have made a deposit of your own money, it does not need to be recycled unnecessarily before repatriation.

What are the benefits of free spins?

Free spins are a convenient way to play spins at the casino for free without having to invest a cent in them. For an online casino, they are a way to introduce potentially unknown games to players and get them excited about them. In most cases, the games that qualify for free spins are newer games offered by the casino. The value of the free spins depends largely on the casino. Many casinos offer free spins with a minimum bet, while others reward regular players with higher stakes. Free spins are usually offered at five to ten spins at the online casino, but there are exceptions to this rule as well.