The game by Swedish game maker Net Entertainment’s Guns N’Roses is the first part of their three-part rock game saga, which also includes the already released Jimi Hendrix slot and the later Motörhead game. The aim of the series is to celebrate NetEnt’s long career in the gaming industry and bring new innovations to the slot machine. Based on the legendary rock band, the game respects their heritage – both music and graphics pamper gunnar fans!

Play Guns N’Roses

that is, it has been done in collaboration with representatives of the band, so it hears the original music of Guns N’Roses. The player can choose the background music for the game! There are classics like Paradise City and November Rain. It’s a Video Slot game, so it’s also embedded with live footage of the band’s concerts, and the bonus features are named after the band’s well-known songs and rock spirit, such as Appetite for Destruction, Crowd Pleaser and Encore Free Spins. There are no special features in this game!

The Wild Symbols adventures the band’s production with familiar symbols such as a gun and a rose, and even the band members have gotten into the game as symbols.

Placing bets

The game has 5 reels, 3 lines and 20 paylines, and the size of the bet can be adjusted between 0.20 euros and 200 euros, so there is really plenty of choice. The maximum bet is made by setting the paylines and coin size to the maximum. The winnings are also big in the game, so it is possible to get a lot of value for money.


The main prize in the game is € 15,000, so even if you’re not a Guns N’Roses fan, you can get a lot out of the game. The game is not a jackpot game, but the great implementation and numerous special features make it a fun pastime. The chances of winning are further enhanced by the comprehensive Special Features, which are the best features of the game.

The Appetite for Destruction feature starts off the reels in the form of a big cross according to the graphics on the cover of the legendary album. When you get 1-5 symbols, you get access to bigger winnings. Solo Multiplier can also help increase profits. The feature can be started at any time while playing the game, and can bring the player 4-10x Win Odds. Of the bonus features, Coin Win also offers direct coin wins. In addition, free spins can help improve your chances of winning.

Free spins

There are numerous free spins in Guns N’Roses. This is one of the most exciting features of the game. Legend Spins, Encore Free Spins and the Crowd-Pleaser bonus game are suitably rock-themed-named features. Legend Spins per se does not serve free spins, but re-spins as well as the opportunity for wild symbols to appear. Encore Free Spins gives the player up to 10 free spins, and one of the band members may appear as a wild symbol on the reels.

The Crowd-Pleaser Bonus Game, on the other hand, offers the player much more than free spins. During this bonus game feature, the game progresses to different levels as it progresses. The player gets to rip the audience to the player of their choice, and the growing popularity also helps get the next level of the mini-game. At level 3, you can double your winnings when you have already won at least 800 coins. At previous levels, there are plenty of opportunities for free spins and coin wins. So the player has a good chance of multiplying their winnings during this feature!