What are live casinos?

live casino

As the gaming community has gradually begun to move from traditional slot machines to online casinos, competition from these online casinos has also intensified. The industry is constantly looking for new ways to attract players to its own website, for example with a wide range of games or mobile offerings. One of the biggest problems with online casinos has been a lack of trust based on the fact that online casinos rely entirely on computer programs and random number generators. In the players, this has understandably aroused suspicion, because then the action is not at all as transparent as when playing face to face. A live casino option is now available as a solution to this problem. The latest live casinos have gained tremendous popularity among gamers precisely because they bring much-needed social interaction, excitement and a decent old casino atmosphere to the online casino.

Although live casino games are played online, the presence of a live dealer makes playing almost the same as playing at a traditional casino. If the live casino is well designed and the implementation works, the player should feel as if he has literally stepped into a traditional casino building. The player can hear and see the real cards being flipped, the dice spinning on the table, and the roulette wheel crackling, which of course is a whole different matter than listening to computer-generated images and sound effects.

Live casinos are a great option for both the casino and the player. Players save on unnecessary expenses that would probably be required to go to the right casino. The player can play all their favorite games such as live poker, live baccarat, live blackjack and live roulette in real time from their home couch against a real, live dealer. The player does not have to dress up, travel to the casino and pay extra for the trip; now you can just focus on playing your favorite games wherever and whenever you want.

How to play at a live casino?

In practice, live casinos operate in such a way that casino games are run by a gaming host or host who usually works in a safe and controlled gaming space. These are professional dealers in the very same style as traditional Las Vegas casino dealers. The only difference is that the dealers physically operate in a different location than the players. Whether you are anywhere in the world, you can enjoy games played by a live dealer at an online casino with a secure and stable internet connection. Through real-time video, you can see with your own eyes how roulette is spun and how cards are dealt to the table in blackjack or Baccarat. The technology has evolved so much in recent years that there is no delay in the operations of the live splitter. Streaming technology has improved tremendously, so today the picture quality is quite impressive.

Many live casinos also offer the option to zoom in on the camera closer to the table if you wish, or even switch the camera to see the game table from a new perspective. Players can interact with the dealer in real time, for example via chat. This is exactly what players like: everything happens in front of their own eyes and the action is transparent, which in turn inspires confidence in the players. In addition, the experience is much more personal and you can enjoy the casino atmosphere of the past while playing.

Live casino providers

As gaming with a live dealer has grown tremendously in popularity in a very fast time, the number of online casinos offering live gaming has also grown at the same rate. Many casinos for Finnish players have also jumped into operations. However, running live games for casinos is, of course, much more expensive than running a computer-based game, which is why some casinos have only had to stay in the virtual game selection. The high running costs are due, among other things, to the fact that a live game usually requires a live studio, a server room, and an analysis room, which are costly to rent or own. The salary of a live dealer also splits its own expenses. Despite this, many casinos have found that investing in live casino operations is worthwhile. So it is very likely that in the future, virtually all online casinos will have the option of playing at a live casino as well.

Various games offered at live casinos

Live casinos offer an increasing variety of games to play, but due to the high maintenance costs mentioned above, many casinos have limited their live gaming offerings to just a few games, the most common of which are roulette, black jack, sic bo, roulette and baccarat. Keno, poker, bingo and craps are also popular game options for live-zero play. In general, the guideline is that the larger and better known the online casino, the more selection of games can be found in their live casino. Often, players accumulate so much on larger casino sites that there are numerous or even dozens of different tables to join for each game option. Particularly popular live games are black jack, where the player plays against a dealer, as well as roulette, which many find much more exciting than a computer-animated roulette wheel.